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Please find below all information utilized throughout our screening process.

Florida Implementation Plan

Enrollment Overview

Duval School District Enrollment

Regional Hospitals

Children's Hospitals

Youth Epidemics




Pre-Screening Planning Communication

Sample School Screening Presentation

Sample Certificate of Insurance

Sample Press Release Announcing Screening Event

Pre-Screening Event Communication

Letter to Parents Announcing Screening Event

  • Placed on letterhead of hosting location
  • Sent home with students in printed form or emailed to parents in PDF format

Is Your Child Safe? Flyer

  • Sent home with students in printed form or emailed to parents in PDF format
  • Recommend posting on entrance doors of screening location as additional advertisement

Pre-Formatted Email Announcing LIVE Registration

Educational Materials (Also included within above mentioned email)

Registration Site - Sample Screening Site

Post-Registration/Pre-Screening Event Reminder Email - Sent from SafeBeat Staff 3-5 Days Prior to Screening Event

Post-Screening Event Communication

Screening Results with Recommended Action, if applicable (Automated Report Sent from Screening Site)

  • No Further Action Needed
  • Follow-Up with Pediatrician Recommended
  • Follow-Up with Pediatric Cardiologist Recommended

Pediatric Cardiology Follow-Up Email, Including:

Post Screening Data Collection and Measurables

Individual County Screening Statistics

Collective Screening Statistics 2018-2019