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Our Goals

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Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

To provide affordable, high-quality preventative heart screenings for all active children in an effort to reduce sudden cardiac death in youth. To "Screen Hearts, Save Lives" and create a healthier generation.

To be the gold standard in preventative heart screening in America's youth through innovation, education, and strategic partnerships.

What is the value of a child's life...priceless! No family should suffer the loss of a child because of sudden cardiac arrest.


  • Provide heart screenings to middle/high schools and colleges.
  • Improve awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Sudden Cardiac Death.
  • Provide resources for CPR/AED training and Emergency Action Plans.
  • Be the “gold standard” for Preventive Heart Screenings.
  • Expedite follow-up testing and care for students as needed, including the uninsured and under-insured.
  • To eradicate health disparities in youth.

How We Are Addressing Healthcare Disparities

  • SafeBeat believes that every single child, irrespective of financial situation, race, ethnicity, gender, or religion, deserves access to professional heart screenings and any necessary follow-up care. Our screenings actively help bridge the gap in medically underserved and under-insured communities through expanding access to preventative heart screenings.
  • A person’s race or ethnicity should not put them at a greater risk of heart disease or stroke, but unfortunately, research suggests that it is a powerful factor that affects a person’s likelihood of suffering a heart attack or stroke and their chances of survival if they do. Black Americans are 2-3 times more likely to suffer a sudden cardiac arrest and much more likely to die from one than white Americans. SafeBeat works tirelessly to fight these inequalities by providing affordable, high quality preventative heart screenings for all American youth.
  • Disparities in health insurance exacerbate the difficulties in ensuring that all American youth receive cardiac screening, as uninsured individuals cannot afford traditional screening at their local hospital, and many insurance plans classify EKG’s as “elective procedures”, thereby requiring out-of-pocket payment beyond what many can afford. SafeBeat works to break down these barriers in healthcare access because everyone deserves access to cardiac screenings.


  • Students will be provided professional heart screenings and recommendations for appropriate follow-up care as needed.
  • Parents/guardians will have a better knowledge of their child’s heart condition.
  • Increased awareness of the importance of preventative heart screenings.
  • Enhanced heart-health awareness.

Long-term Impact

  • Fewer deaths due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest in our youth.
  • Physically healthier children.
  • Decrease in children's Body Mass Index (BMI) and Hypertension (HTN).
  • Improved heart health awareness and life-saving skills for staff and child.
  • Healthier generation/lower future healthcare cost.

Program Distinctions

  • Our program is built for scalability so we can screen on a regional level and supply a program to screen in states on a National level.  There is a goliath need to fill for the vast majority of our population of children in the U.S.  Without SafeBeat, there will not be preventive heart screening in most areas– especially with the uninsured and under-insured areas.
  • The research has already been done and we have proven platform to save children lives.  Therefore, supporting dollars can be applied to make a direct impact.
  • We offer a $0 corporate dollar sponsorship platform for large organizations whereas everyone benefits and no one person or company is burdened.
  • We utilize a state of the art screening software that tracks results for cardiac abnormalities, cardiac history (family & child), obesity, hypertension, and more.

What is a child’s life worth?.......PRICELESS!