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Get Involved

Ways to get involved:

Who can get involved:


  • Host CPR training events
  • Encourage local government support of screenings
  • Host a screening event or fundraiser
  • Encourage signing of petition

Parents and Families

  • Get your child/ren screened
  • Volunteer at screenings at your child’s school
  • Coordinate a neighborhood walk or fundraiser
  • Tell friends, family, and neighbors to raise awareness
  • Follow up on recommendations from SafeBeat - When all first and second degree family members [of an affected child] are screened, on average 9 additional cases of a cardiac abnormality are found.

Students and Athletes

  • Get screened!
  • Encourage your friends to get screened!

Coaches & Teachers

  • Promote the screening event at your school
  • Volunteer and help with screenings at your school
  • Volunteer to help at community education events
  • Be Prepared - It could very well be you who saves the life of a student or athlete

Together we save lives!