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Posted on 06/28/2010 @ 01:29 PM

Over the course of the last extremely busy weeks, many events have occurred, been remembered and some celebrated.  Among them is the Remembrance Day of my son Marc’s Birthday.  We would have celebrated his 26 years on this earth had his heart not failed him.  It was the Remembrance Day of my stepchildren’s mother Norma’s Birthday who passed tragically in a car accident 13 years ago when they were young children.  There were also graduation celebrations and the 60th Birthday of my husband, David, who happens to be the most generous, giving, supportive, selfless man I know.

Through all of these sad, happy and even some disappointing moments over the last weeks and days, the only “real” emotion one could come away with, as I did, is “LOVE”.  It is a very powerful tool that we all possess to get us through the saddest of times and the happiest of times.

It is through “LOVE” that SafeBeat was born and has and will continue to “screen hearts and save lives”.  By saving a child’s life, it is a testament that LOVE is not just a “mere” sentiment.  We all have the capacity to love, and through the power of love, “miracles” can occur.

I will just say for today “SPREAD THE LOVE” and see what miracles you can achieve!