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Posted on 05/11/2010 @ 01:29 PM

So much emotion goes into the business of “screening hearts and saving lives”.  Emotion comes in many different forms and flavors. In the last couple of weeks I have experienced the different forms and flavors of emotion.  In the last two weeks I received a beautiful thank you card and picture from a young man who had his heart screened through our “SafeBeat Initiative” and was found to have a heart arrhythmia that otherwise he and his family may have only discovered under much different circumstance.  He is now under doctor’s care and will live a very healthy life.  The only emotion you can experience from that is one of JOY!  His parents also extended sincere gratitude for the “SafeBeat Initiative” that gave their son a second chance at life when they didn’t even realize he needed a second chance!  JOY! JOY! JOY!

I received an e-mail from a woman a few days later who lost her son tragically to a heart arrhythmia.  She wanted me to know how PROUD she was of what we were doing and wished only that other parents gained the knowledge through the “SafeBeat Initiative” that she didn’t have at the time of her son’s death in the hope that other parents never have to experience the same pain and grief that she experiences every day of her life.  In her pain, she reached out to thank me and express PRIDE.  She acted on her emotion and, without knowing it, made a difference in my day and in my days moving forward; adding to my purpose.

My stepson graduated from college this past weekend!  The emotions that came flooding with that were of pride,  joy and pain; pride and joy that this young man, through hard work and accomplishment, was receiving a gift that will guide him into a new phase of  life; one of great promise.  The pain came when he was receiving this gift on Mother’s Day weekend and his mother was not there to express to him how proud she was of him because she was taken from this world when he was a young boy of nine years old.  He has been through so much already in his life, yet he took his emotions and made “himself” proud as well as the mother he lost.  As a mother myself and as happy as I am to be a part of his life and as proud of him as I was and am, my heart also ached for him.  As I was trying to imagine what feelings might be crossing his mind during this momentous moment in his life, I also was looking over at my husband and trying to imagine how he might be feeling as well.  Here he was watching his youngest son receive his college degree without the woman he loved who brought this child into the world.  It had to be difficult for both of them.  All I could do was hug them both and express my love for them both.  The emotion of love is a powerful one and you can do great things when you have love for yourself and others.

I also experienced my own increase of emotions knowing that I once had a beautiful living son who should have walked across a stage and received a college degree and lived a proud, productive life.  His heart failed him but my heart, although forever broken from that experience, am putting all my effort and emotion into “screening hearts and saving lives”.

As all of us can attest, emotions run deep for many different reasons; whether through joy, pain, love or heartache.  Emotion is a powerful tool as well.  We all have the power, through emotion, to make decisions that make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others for the better.

I share these few instances, of many, over the last weeks to make one point;  life is fragile!   We are all only one heartbeat away from making a difference!  Pay attention to your emotions, act on your emotions in a positive way and live in the moment!

All of us who are associated with, and partners of, SafeBeat, are very emotional when it comes to “screening hearts and saving lives”.  We are acting on our emotions because we know, and have proven, that our emotion and passion makes a difference in the world!

Gain the knowledge needed about cardiac arrhythmia syndromes and then listen to your emotions and have your child screened.  It just may make a difference in your world!