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Posted on 03/04/2012 @ 12:29 PM

There is so much knowledge, so necessary, to be gained by parents about Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes yet, for some unknown reason, at least to me and those of us who are passionate about this mission, parents still seem to be in the dark about this silent killer of our children.

When I say there are “angels among us” I mean it in many connotations. Twenty (20) children a day die from a cardiac arrhythmia syndrome; they are angels now in the religious sense. There are those doctors who are not dismissing this disease as “rare”, as you may read in many medical articles, and are conducting studies and recognizing that asymptomatic symptoms of this disease state are worth the expense of an electrocardiogram (ECG); they are angels in the medical field. And then there are all the “mom and pop” foundations that are fighting vigorously to educate other parents of this disease state so that they do not experience the devastation that they have experienced; they are angels in the parental sense in the aftermath of loss.

These parents take their intense, personal grief and memorialize their child, or children in some cases, by using the knowledge they’ve gained from their tragedy to save other parent’s children and sparing families from the grief that they now live with day in and day out. There are “Angels Among Us”!!!!!!!!!!

It only takes a small amount of time to educate yourself on Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes. It takes a lifetime to get over the loss of a child when it could have been prevented.

So, be an angel! Get educated ~~ It very well may save the life of your child or the life of a child you may know!