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Cris Dishman

Cris Dishman

Cris Dishman is a 13-yr NFL Retired All Pro Cornerback and 15-yr Pro Football Coach. He is the grandson of legendary jockey Clarence Pick Dishman. The youngest of five children born to Clarence and Nella Dishman, Cris was destined for greatness.

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky - a few minutes from "the Greatest" - Muhammad Ali's childhood home it seems natural that Cris Dishman's hopes and dreams were larger than life. Crediting his family every step of the way - sports and high achievement were the expectations in the Dishman household. A multi-sport athlete at DeSales High School and a dual sport athlete at Purdue University - Cris Dishman paved his way through hard work as a student and athlete.

Drafted in 1988 to the Houston Oilers, his professional football career began. Known as a passionate player on the field; a beast in his strength and conditioning habits - his 13-yr All Pro Career with the Houston Oilers, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Minnesota Vikings seemed destined. Making two Pro Bowl appearances; being a player rep and team captain through the years, Cris Dishman became more than a pro player - he became a leader.

Retiring in 2000 Cris Dishman took time out to pursue his passion with horses and ranching.

In 2005, answering the call to give back as a teacher of the game, Cris Dishman became a coach. Just like his playing days, his journey to coaching was equally unique. One of the only coaches in the U.S. whose resume touts NFL Europe, NFL, NCAA - Division III, NCAA Division I (Power 5 Program) the Canadian Football League (CFL), the XFL, and IMG Academy National Team.

Cris Dishman has coached at all levels with game defining athletes under his tutelage. Through his business, camps, and projects with GOAT Skills LLC, Cris hopes to help athletes at all levels elevate their game through healthy habits, proper technique, servant leadership, and community outreach. You can hear Cris weekly on his popular Podcast - DISH Happens.

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Why I Believe in SafeBeat:

"I lost a friend, Rod McCravy to Cardiomyopathy when we were teenagers. Rod was a world class track athlete at the University of Kentucky, no one ever thought we’d lose him to an undetected heart condition. With better information and screenings, Rod would have been saved. I'm interested in helping all kids secure a brighter future for themselves by removing barriers to heart screenings and lifesaving education and techniques. As a coach, I want to work with SafeBeat closely to roll out a national strategy for CPR/AED training of all athletic teams in the U.S. (and beyond). Life saving techniques need to be accessible and become part of our everyday lives. With intentionality, and a love for all children in our communities we can save lives and build leaders. If we can teach Math, we can teach kids how to save lives. I've been on all sides in sports - a fan first, an athlete next which made me a role model in my community; and as a football coach and professional trainer. The wear and tear on an athlete's body is taxing. The area we've failed at in sports in general and with amateur athletics is assuming good play on the field means there is nothing unhealthy with the player's heart. I've watched athletes collapse and feel like luck was on our side that day because we didn't lose them. Turns out 7,000 kids a year have a different fate. We can change those numbers; and youth can plan for their futures instead of their families planning their funerals."

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