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“Early detection saves lives!”

Without warning…….in seconds, Sudden Cardiac Arrest can take a child’s life! Our proven SafeBeat Initiative can help prevent such needless deaths. SafeBeat is National Initiative that establishes local Heart Screening and Emergency Action planning programs in an effort to prevent sudden cardiac death in America’s youth. With your generous support, the SafeBeat Initiative is able to continue its mission of Screening Hearts, Saving Lives. In addition, due to the nature of thorough screening and education that is offered, we also help detect/prevent obesity and hypertension.

With a long-standing epidemic of approx. 7,000 lives claimed each year between the ages of 6-18, the choice should be simple; support an organization that has a proven solution to such a fatal epidemic.

Please join us in your financial support to change the course of history, and let’s create a healthier and safer generation.