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GE Healthymagination

“SafeBeat is doing critical lifesaving work and are to be commended for their efforts”
says Pat Pearman (Executive Director Brain Health & Disease Solutions /GE Healthymagination)

Services of GE Healthymagination:

GE Healthymagination is GE’s commitment to invest in innovations that bring better health to more people. Our goal is to make measureable progress in increasing affordability, improving quality and increasing access to healthcare around the world. Bringing better health to more people is at the heart of healthymagination. Limited access to quality care affects health systems and patients everywhere — from rural areas in under-developed countries that may lack basic services, to prohibitive costs for much needed research technologies. Through healthymagination, we are targeting both ends of this spectrum to meet the needs of patients and caregivers, wherever they may be.

We’ve committed to continuously develop and invest in innovations that deliver high quality, more affordable healthcare to more people around the world. We’ve assembled a unique team to drive innovation combining:

Corporate Venture Capital
Investing and partnering with startups to accelerate growth and commercialize innovative ideas.

Expanding healthymagination’s work to team up with key industry partners on significant global health.

Driving GE growth by testing and developing market-shaping business platforms.

Walking the Talk
Continuing our partnership with GE’s human resources team to deepen our internal culture of health.

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