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SPN Podcast Featuring Sheldon Hill

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Sheldon Hill, Executive Director of SafeBeat joins our host, Roy Kessel, on Episode 33 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast. Sheldon shares the battle to ensure that all kids get the proper heart screenings to avoid the tragic deaths which occur too frequently. You will hear Sheldon share some disturbing statistics on the number of unnecessary deaths as well as how difficult it is to get cooperation from schools, parents and other sports organizations. With over 7,000 kids dying each year, you would expect much more cooperation and urgency to prevent these tragedies.

SPN Podcast

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  • 00:30 Sheldon’s background with cardio vascular ultrasound
  • 02:00 Number of youth deaths from sudden cardiac arrest
  • 06:30 Markets served by SafeBeat
  • 08:15 SafeBeat process
  • 11:15 Day of screening
  • 13:15 Costs of providing the service
  • 16:15 Ages which need the screening
  • 18:00 Types of testing systems used
  • 20:35 Importance of owning your own equipment
  • 24:00 Role of the pediatric cardiologist they use
  • 25:30 Time needed to testing each student
  • 27:30 Test results and meanings
  • 33:30 Needs for further testing
  • 35:30 Percentage of kids who receive heart screenings
  • 39:00 Testing adults with heart screenings
  • 42:00 Sheldon as Commission of NFL and lobbying for safety!