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Mom Wins AED for Brush High School after Son’s Sudden Passing

Mom wins AED for Brush High School after son’s sudden passing

LYNDHURST, Ohio-- Stephanie and Scott Kornet lost their son Alec last year at just 17 years old.

The Brush High School student collapsed at hockey practice and died from sudden cardiac arrest. His parents had no idea he had an underlying heart condition.

Since Alec’s death, his family created the 4AlecFoundation, which strives to raise awareness for undetected heart diseases and prevention of sudden cardiac arrest.

Stephanie Kornet entered a national contest to win an AED for Brush High School’s workout room—all she had to do was share her son’s story on Facebook and get the most likes.

“I got over 17,000 views on it and they donated, GotAED donated the AED to the 4AlecFoundation, and we in turn turned it over to the high school,” she said.

“When he passed, there was a huge void in the building, both with our student body and our staff. And one way of giving back to the Kornet family was to partner with them in helping heart awareness and early detection of heart issues,” said Karl Williamson, principal of Brush High School.

The AED is now positioned between the school's two workout facilities and will be available if anyone needs it.

“It’s imperative to have a machine available to help us do CPR and implement, if necessary, resuscitate of the heart, if necessary, to save a life. And with Alec passing, it’s hit home to Brush real close,” Williamson said.

The Kornets' foundation has also held special heart screenings at the high school for student athletes in hopes to detecting any potential heart problems.

Story Credit: http://fox8.com/2018/04/04/mom-wins-aed-for-brush-high-school-after-sons-sudden-passing/