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'They Saved My Son's Life': Coaches Credited After Athlete Goes Into Cardiac Arrest

Quinn Moss

After a Georgia high school football player went into cardiac arrest on the field, the quick acting of coaches and the athletic trainer saved his life.

Quindrecus Moss collapsed during Thomson (Georgia) High School football practice earlier this month, according to WRDW. He has a heart condition that contributed to the incident.

“This could’ve happened at any time,” April Lucas, Quinn’s mom, told WAGT. “You know, any time he overworked his heart. But, it happened where people could save him.”

Coaches initially thought he was cramping until someone said to call 9-1-1.

CPR was performed on Moss, and head coach Michael Youngblood told WRDW that “Miss Williams” — presumably Sierra Williams, who is listed on the school site as the head athletic trainer — brought out the defibrillator.

It was used twice on Moss, according to WAGT.

“When he went into cardiac arrest, they [doctors] can’t believe he survived that for one, but then after everybody learned what his problem was nobody really could believe that he survived that,” Lucas told WAGT.

Moss underwent open heart surgery Tuesday and returned home Thursday.

He won’t be taking the field at running back this season as he recovers.

The parents credited the coaches with saving Moss’ life.

“They [coaches] saved my son’s life, there’s no question about it,” Lucas said to WAGT.

Story Credit: https://usatodayhss.com/2019/coaches-save-athlete-life-cardiac-arrest

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