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‘Sudden Cardiac Arrests’ Can Happen to Anyone, Even Without Symptoms

‘Sudden cardiac arrests’ can happen to anyone

HYDERABAD: Youngsters suffering cardiac arrests are no more an uncommon affair. Doctors say they come across cases of ‘sudden cardiac arrests’, sometimes, even in 10-year-olds. A ‘sudden cardiac arrest’ is a condition that occurs in normal healthy person who has no history of major diseases or conditions.

Experts list out around five reasons which could lead to sudden deaths in youngsters. And worryingly, not all of the conditions have symptoms. The first common cause is cardiac arrhythmia-where heart beats fast and irregularly. This can happen in youngsters while playing strenuous games such as football.

Second cause is a viral illness of heart which is called viral myocarditis which causes arrhythmia. Third is a block in the heart; though this is uncommon it can occur if there is a family history. “Haemorrhage of brain, arteries, and pulmonary embolism (clot in the lungs) are other reasons,” explains Dr KK Aggarwal, president of Heart Care Foundation of India. Senior cardiologist and chief of Electrophysiology division at KIMS Hospitals, Dr B Hygriv Rao said that thickening of heart muscle and genetic syndrome of sudden deaths in family are other reasons. “If in a family, someone dies because of sudden cardiac arrest at a young age, all family members including extended family should consult a cardiologist and they should undergo evaluation for genetic syndromes beginning with ECG and Echocardiograph to prevent second tragedy in family,” he says.

Story Credit: http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/hyderabad/2018/may/24/sudden-cardiac-arrests-can-happen-to-anyone-even-without-symptoms-1818706.html