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Brave Kai,10, Had The Skills To Save His Mother After Cardiac Arrest

Brave Kai,10, had the skills to save his mother after cardiac arrest

Mum Sarah has cuddle for Kai

A ten-year-old, quick-thinking youngster from Luton saved his mum’s life just a week after learning first aid skills at his Cub meeting.

Cub Scout Kai Sharpe had only been awarded his Emergency Aid badge at Ross Park Cubs in Stopsley the week before his mum Sarah collapsed at home in Ashcroft Road and was hardly able to move or speak.

Brave Kai ushered his younger brother Alex aged six out of the way and dialed 999 for the emergency services as he had been taught.

He gave the paramedics a clear account of what had happened and his address and post code before returning to comfort his mum who was locked in the toilet.

Kai said he would have put her in the recovery position and made her comfortable but instead he talked to her and told her help was on its way.

He explained: “The first paramedic arrived quickly followed by two more.

“Then the police turned up and the air ambulance landed on Ashcroft Common just behind the house.

“While all this was going on I had to keep Alex quiet in the living room. All he wanted was his breakfast.”

According to the paramedics, who had to break down the toilet door, Kai’s prompt action saved his mum’s life after she had a cardiac arrest.

They were able to restart her heart and take her, still unconscious, to the Lister Hospital for treatment. She is now back home fully recovered and with a special cuddle for her hero son.

The Stage 1 of the Emergency Aid Activity Badge that Kai passed has five crucial actions: the importance of getting help; what you say when you call 999; helping someone who is unconscious; helping someone who is bleeding and reassuring someone at the scene of an emergency.

Glen Still, the Leader of the Ross Park Tiger Cubs, who meet in Applecroft Road said: “We are all extremely proud of Kai and it’s amazing how he calmly followed what he had been told.

“It goes to show that it’s worth spending time teaching children how to do these things. Some people may think they are not capable but they clearly are and they keep their cool.”

District Commissioner Mark Webb presented Kai with a bravery award in front of a parade of 300 Scouts.

He said: “Kai was amazing with his quick thinking and calm reaction to his mum’s sudden collapse.

“It shows the value of first aid training to anyone however young since you never know when you might need to put it into practice. We are all proud of what he did and hope he has lots of fun and adventure in the future with the Scouts.”

Kai’s father, Tim, added: “The whole family are incredibly proud of what Kai has done and his quick reaction that morning in February. We owe the Cub Leaders a great deal for the important training they give our kids in all kinds of things including how to react calmly in emergency. It’s just wonderful.”

He said: “When it happened, we went to Lister Hospital not knowing whether we’d ever speak to Sarah again.“

Today, because the medical profession do such an amazing job, and because she is such a fighter, Sarah is at home with a magic box – actually an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator, but magic box sounds better – in her chest, mostly recovered, and looking forward to getting back to work.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are to the emergency services who performed miracles that day and to the Scouts for giving my son the training to act sensibly and calmly when it was needed. We are humbled to have received so much support.”

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