Parents & Families

Parents and Families

Our screening allows for parents to have a possible condition discovered and then visit their child's physician and subsequent cardiologist for all follow-up care.

In addition to the direct benefit of identify possible conditions in the child that is screened at one of our screening events, there is the possibility of identifying abnormalities in other family members. Because these disease states are hereditary, they are often found in multiple family members. When all first and second degree family members [of an affected child] are screened, on average 9 additional cases of a cardiac abnormality are found.

Ways for parents and families to get involved:

  • Get your child screened
  • Educate yourselves on SCA and CAS
  • Learn CPR
  • Volunteer at screenings at your child’s school
  • Coordinate a neighborhood walk or fundraiser
  • Tell friends, family, and neighbors to build awareness
  • Participate in the conversation and share on social media
  • Donate

"My son, Greg was a seemingly healthy 18-year-old; he had just been cleared by his pediatrician during his physical, and died 33 days later of sudden cardiac arrest. I wish I was given the option to have him screened. I urge everyone to get a heart screening for their children or themselves. At least then, if something is found, you can have choices on what course to take for your life and well-being. Maybe a screening would have given us a clue that Greg had an enlarged heart, and we could have him with us today.” - Wendy Bruno (Son, Gregory Bruno died from SCA at age 18)