We are screening hearts to save lives!

Every year more than 7,000 young Americans ages 6-18 die from SCA.  That means that every day 20 adolescents die in this country from SCA caused by conditions that are most likely treatable.  We are working to prevent the untold amounts of grief that come from losing a child, a sister/brother, friend or teammate.  Facts have proven that 1 out of every 143 children has a cardiac arrhythmia syndrome, most of these being undetected.  Once diagnosed, these syndromes can be monitored and treated and in most circumstances result in normal lifespan for that child.

This is the key reason for preventive heart screenings including an electrocardiogram (ECG).  ECG is the best initial indicator of a cardiac abnormality.  Our screening allows for parents to have a possible condition indicated and then visit their child's physician and subsequent cardiologist for all follow-up care.

In addition to the direct benefit of identifying possible conditions in the child that is screened at one of our screening events, there is the possibility of identifying abnormalities in other family members.  Because these disease states are hereditary, they are often found in multiple family members.  When all first and second degree family members [of an affected child] are screened, on average 9 additional cases of a cardiac abnormality are found.

SafeBeat screenings literally save lives within entire communities when we come into your town and schools.

Ways your community can get involved:

  • Educate yourselves on SCA and CAS
  • Host CPR training events
  • Encourage local government support of screenings
  • Host a screening event or fundraiser
  • Encourage signing of petition
  • Participate in the conversation and share on social media

“As a mother, learning about sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and how it can strike children without warning inspired me to become proactive about this issue [and bring a screening to my town.] I wanted to be sure parents had the opportunity to have their children’s hearts screened, because I couldn’t imagine losing any of mine to something that is preventable.” - Kathleen Goneau (Past President, GFWC Marlboro Junior Woman’s Club, Marlborough, MA)