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At the heart of the "SafeBeat Initiative" are caring and dedicated members like myself, Jeffrey Greene, who are committed to increasing the awareness to the fact that 1 out of every 143 children has a cardiac arrhythmia syndrome. With educational awareness, community outreach and making a point to schedule your child to be screened for cardiac arrhythmia syndrome, less children each day, month and year can avoid sudden and unexpected death. Our primary objective is to communicate the importance of screening for this syndrome and save children lives.

In order to push this message throughout our communities and to families across the world, the "SafeBeat Initiative" encourages you to support us in our efforts in any monetary means you can afford. Any amount at all you can give to prevent a sudden and unexpected death of a child will be greatly appreciated. The more monetary support we receive, the more we can communicate to the masses and the more children lives we can help save.

With today's technology and social-internet-connections, no child should die suddenly and unexpectedly if local screenings for cardiac arrhythmia syndromes are readily available. Did you know that 20 children between the ages of 6 & 25 will die today from sudden cardiac arrest caused by a cardiac arrhythmia syndrome?

At the "SafeBeat lnitiative" we find this unacceptable and are committed to doing everything in our power to reduce and one day eliminate these deaths.

Please support the "SafeBeat Initiative" and discuss with your family and friends today.

Thank you, Jeffrey Greene

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