The International Movement

Screening Hearts - An International Movement

An international movement is under way to screen all children for heart defects that puts them at risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). In Japan, doctors routinely give all children electrocardiograms (ECG), which can detect congenital heart defects that are not typically found on physical examination. Italy administers ECGs to all youths who want to participate in competitive sports.

In December 2004, the International Olympic Committee endorsed the Lausanne Recommendations, advising that young athletes have ECGs every two years.

In March 2005, the European Society of Cardiology published a consensus report in the European Heart Journal endorsing a similar proposal. The physician group believes that screening using ECGs has the potential to cut sports-related cardiac deaths in Europe by 50% to 70%. Join the movement. Register for a screening.

"What is the value of a child's life?...... Priceless!!" ~ Jayne Vining