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This Vegetable Is Especially Beneficial For Heart Health

Asparagus is an incredibly useful plant that you simply must add to your diet this summer!

Asparagus is an incredibly useful plant that you simply must add to your diet this summer!

Today, there are several different types of such useful plants as asparagus, but they all have incredibly useful properties for our body.

Asparagus was highly prized in ancient times, and now it is recommended to eat nutritionists and proponents of healthy eating.

This green plant is pretty low calorie – only 22 calories per 100 grams, so the asparagus can be eaten even those girls who are sitting on a subsistence diet. It is a very mild food and is quickly absorbed by the body, is composed of such vitamins as C, E, A, and C. Asparagus is also rich in various minerals: phosphorus, calcium, copper, potassium, and carotene, asparagine and saponins.

Asparagus is very useful for strengthening the tissues of the cardiovascular and urogenital systems, wound healing. And green acid and potassium salts and normalize the kidneys and liver, excrete harmful toxins and even help with bacterial inflammation. Green asparagus has a high content of folic acid needed for pregnant women and children. Folic acid is able to fight chronic fatigue syndrome, birth defects in children and with heart problems.

And insoluble dietary fiber, which is also rich in plants is good for digestion and normalize the intestinal microflora. Carotenes improve the eyesight and reduce the risk of cancer, saponins reduce cholesterol levels and help bring the phlegm with bronchitis. Also asparagus is rich in antioxidants, which inhibit the development of many diseases and premature aging.

Asparagus is a very useful product for those who are struggling with cellulite symptoms and excess weight since it is able to quickly and effectively rid the body of excess fluid. And if you consume asparagus regularly, you will notice that your skin is clean and the hair a light Shine and radiance.

I think you’re already convinced that asparagus is your summer must-have in the diet, because it will enrich the body with many useful substances, but will also help to diversify the diet and improve the condition of skin and hair.