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Secrets for a Healthy Heart

Secrets for a Healthy Heart

Healthy heart is one of the most if not the most important factor for staying healthy. For overall good health it is essential to have a healthy heart. The older one get, the weaker the heart becomes thus it becomes doubly important for individuals over the age of 40 to care for the health of their hearts. Whether you're eating healthy or are giving up bad habits, there are many ways to take care of your heart. What one eats is the most essential factor that impacts the heart. Thus avoiding junk and oily food and consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with oats and omega-3 is a good way to nourish your heart.

Mediterranean Diet for a Healthy Heart

There are tons of diets and advice available online and elsewhere regarding what is and what is not beneficial for the health of your heart. Most of these advices aren’t supported by any scientific evidence but some of these are maybe partly true. When it comes to diets and the health of the heart, researchers have given a big thumps up to Mediterranean Diet. Data prove that people on a Mediterranean Diet have a reduced risk of heart diseases and problems. Olive oil which forms an integral part of Mediterranean Diet is believed to be beneficial in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol which are directly associated with the heart’s health. Other than generous usage of olive oil, a Mediterranean Diet also mostly consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds, legumes, moderate serving of poultry and wine and very little amount of red meat.

Prevent Heart Diseases and Improve Heart’s Health Naturally

Heart diseases are also called cardiovascular disease. One of the ways to prevent heart diseases and to gauge the health of the heart is to keep numbers which are associated with the heart in check. These numbers are blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, weight and waist size. The best way to improve the heart’s health naturally is by consuming a healthy diet and by exercising regularly. Cardiovascular exercises on a regular basis can help the heart be stronger and healthier. So, other than the usual tips for a healthy heart what are some of the secrets or lesser known tips that one should know to achieve a healthier heart. Firstly never skip breakfast, have a real and a healthy breakfast everyday for a healthy heart. Oral hygiene is also directly associated with the heart so take oral healthcare seriously and brush twice. Regular sexual intercourse is also a great cardiovascular activity that reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and also helps reduce stress. High endurance sports such as running, cycling, hiking, swimming and more can also help improve and maintain a healthy heart.

Other Tips for a Healthy Heart

Other than diet and regular exercise some lifestyle changes can also go a long way in achieving and maintaining a healthy heart. Reduce or better still quit smoking and usage of tobacco. Stress and lack of sleep also has an adverse impact on heart thus learn to relax and de-stress. Activities such as meditation, Yoga, walking, jogging and swimming can also help one relax and thus are good for the heart. There have been conflicting studies about the impact of alcohol on the heart. But there is no doubt about the fact that excessive drinking of alcohol is bad for the heart. Limiting sodium intake which is consuming less salt is also beneficial for the heart. Replacing saturated fatty acids with unsaturated fatty acids in the daily diet can also help lower cholesterol levels, which is one of the risk factors for heart diseases.

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