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It`s Not Only About The Muscles! Here Are 6 Health Benefits Of Weight Training

It`s Not Only About The Muscles! Here Are 6 Health Benefits Of Weight training

Most people relate the words ‘weight training' and gym to getting muscular or losing fat.  However, this outlook is short-sighted and very misinformed. Weight training brings along a multitude of benefits which people aren't aware of. Here, let me take you away from muscles for a while and put things into perspective.

1)   Better Heart Health (You Thought Only Cardio Can Give You That!)

When you lift weights, especially in a short rest period type of training, your heart has to work extra hard to keep up with the pace. And when your muscles contract as a result of lifting weights, your arteries dilate. This causes increased cardiac output and at the same time lowers your blood pressure after the exercise has been completed. In a receont study, 12 weeks of weight training program performed 3 times a week decreased blood pressure in middle-aged men and cut their risk of heart attack nearly by half.

2)   Increased Bone Density

It is a well-documented fact that weight training results in significant increase in bone mass.  This means fewer chances of fracture as you age. A major chunk of elderly population suffers from “Osteoporosis” which is nothing but bone weakness. Weight training helps to reduce the chances of Osteoporosis if coupled with good dietary habits and supplementation- vitamin D and calcium.

3)  Prevention of Diabetes and  Decrease In Insulin Resistance

A lifestyle of a healthy diet and exercise has shown to reverse/prevent Type 2 diabetes. The more muscle you train, the lesser insulin resistant you become. Your cells can use glucose in a more efficient way. Weight training will also keep your blood sugar levels in control as the muscles will use most of the blood glycogen for replenishment. Prevention of Type 2 diabetes is easier when coupled with the right diet and exercise along with medication.

4)   Super Sex Life

Who doesn`t want to be better in bed, right? The more you train with weights, the better your T levels will get over time, of course, coupled with good nutrition. A fitter body, less body fat, higher testosterone levels, elevated mood, better energy levels all this comes to those who engage in weight training. It`s the best way to spice up your sex life without taking help of any doctor or medicines. Medications which claim to increase libido are mostly garbage.

5)   Helps Puling Out Of Depression

Whenever you workout, a feel good sensation or a sense of pleasure is felt which is due to the release of endorphins, which act similar to drugs like morphine. These are the feel good chemicals which reduce the chemical imbalance in the brain that causes depression. Give a programmed workout a try and your need to rely on medication for depression will go down.

6)   Improved sleep

Want to sleep like a baby? You know the answer. Countless studies have shown that people who engage in exercise get more sound sleep and wake up fresh as well. Resistance training increases your body temperature, warming you up from the inside. It`s just like a hot shower people take just before going to bed to sleep better. In a study, the participants worked out on 3 separate days. On the days they worked out, they fell asleep sooner when they hit the bed as compared to when they didn`t as was measured by sleep trackers.

Note- However, be wary of the time you exercise. Exercising close to bedtime can keep some people awake due to the activation of the nervous system while inducing sleep in the others.  Choose yours carefully!

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