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7 Ways To Make Your Heart Healthy With Your Car

7 Ways to Make Your Heart Healthy with Your Car

Taking care of our environmental hygiene is always limited to our offices and home. We often neglect the health of our car, but its impact on our health is a concern for every individual. No outer beauty can shine better than a heart in a perfect condition.

The health of your heart is directly proportional to the condition of your car. To prevent heart diseases, we take proper care of our surroundings and our stress level. But we still unknowingly harm ourselves due to improper car condition.

Transportation on cars has become part and parcel of our daily lives, not only in urban or semi-urban areas but also in the countryside. With the increase in the usage of vehicles, heart conditions are more prevalent. Thus, having proper knowledge on how to cope up with such situation is essential.

How is the Health of Your Car Related with Your Heart?

· Inhaling impure particles emitted from the car fumes can have an effect on your heart

· Lack of hygiene anywhere can cause many diseases including heart aches

· Stress and anxiety can occur while driving which has an effect on your heart

· Palpitations and inconsistent heart rate can also be arising from cars.

So, here are those 7 wonderful ways which can do wonders in making you healthy with your care:

Buy an Air Purifier for Your Car

The car exhaust particles emit due to the combustion of fuel. This produces various toxic and severely dangerous fumes like Carbon Dioxide and also Carbon Monoxide. They can cause a huge risk of heart-related diseases like heart attacks and irregular heartbeat.

If you and your family travel a lot in the car and the vehicle is transported from one place to another frequently, then this may cause dangerous health issues. Fortunately, air purifiers can work against such toxic and pollutant air. Having it on your car is a must for healthy travels.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

Technology has come a long way since the inception of automobiles. New and innovative ideas are helping millions of people each day fight different health problems. Nowadays, there are many applications on your Smartphone to track your heart’s situation.

The rate in which it is beating can tell us a lot about the heart condition. Being self-aware can be very helpful while driving. The fluctuations in the heartbeat while speeding up and going slow, is also shown through such smart monitoring applications. Manufacturers are now implementing this as an in-built feature in future cars.

Driving at Moderate Speed

Make sure you check the speedometer of your car while driving. Heart conditions may be triggered when going at an alarmingly high speed. Driving at a moderate pace won’t increase your level of stress. It will put your heart in a stable state.

Turn Down the Bass

If you have symptoms of heart diseases, then avoid playing loud music. The next time you go out on your car make sure the volume of the sound box is low. High bass can cause those having heart symptoms severe heart attacks. Also, it’s better to keep it down to listen to the honks behind your car!

Don’t Eat there, Please

We tend to do many of our mundane activities like eating food in our car. Firstly, eating healthy is an essential part of a good heart. Secondly, the food debris leftover inside the car can cause many heart related diseases.

Just like the way we avoid eating while sitting on our toilet seat we must avoid eating inside a car. The next time you stop by a fast food shop, think twice.

Health Screening of the Car

We regularly check our heart condition and other health-related issues. The same should be applied to your car. Check performance of your car and inside parts after every few weeks. Before going out on a extended travel on your car or before shipping your car on a different location proper screening should be done.

Car Hygiene

If you have pets like cats or dogs and you take them with you, then many micro-organisms are roaming around your car. This can be avoided if the hygiene of the vehicle is maintained. Regular wash should be a must, external clean-up and servicing should also be done after every few weeks time. This way both you and your car’s health are safe and secure.

By following these ways, you can take care of your heart as well as your car while making your life happy and balanced.

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