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Our Goals

  • Provide heart screenings to participating students at every public U.S. middle and high school (that doesn’t currently have screening)
  • Expedite follow-up testing and care for students as needed, including the uninsured and under-insured.
  • Improve awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death.
  • Provide students with knowledge of personal risk factors, and immediate personal health threats (the presence of a heart abnormality).
  • Provide resources for CPR and AED training.
  • Provide resources for emergency action plans.
  • Be the goal standard for preventive heart screenings.


  • Students will be provided professional heart screenings and receive appropriate follow-up care as needed.
  • Parents/guardians will have a better knowledge of their child’s heart condition.
  • Increased awareness of the importance of heart screenings.
  • Increased awareness that preventative heart screenings are over and above the standard physical which will lead to increased program participation.
  • Enhanced heart-health awareness

Long-term Impact

  • Fewer deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest in our youth
  • Physically healthier children
  • Decrease in children's body mass index (BMI) and hypertension (HTN)
  • Improved heart health education
  • Healthier generation

Program Distinctions

  • The vast majority of our public school children will not receive a preventative heart-screening without our services – especially non and under-insured children.
  • No other program is offering vast exposure opportunities for their sponsors. (Even directly to homes)
  • Your financial support is going to a “proven” platform to save lives……not for research to figure out how to save lives.
  • We directly impact the lives of children and their associated families.
  • We utilize a state of the art screening software that tracks results for cardiac abnormality, cardiac history obesity, hypertension and more.
  • Sponsors can monitor and track the results of our program and the direct impact of their involvement.
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