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McNairy senior raises $14,000 for AEDs in school

McNairy senior raises $14,000 for AEDs in school

(Photo: Special to The Sun)

SELMER - Master Medical Equipment in Jackson is partnering with McNairy County High School student, Mackenzie Parson of Selmer, to provide eight or more auto­mated external defibrillators for the schools that have no funding available otherwise.

To this point, through t-shirt sales, car washes, and local contributions, Mackenzie has raised over $14,000 towards her financial goal and has almost completed her senior local-community project entitled, Every Second Matters.

Master Medical Equipment (MMEmed.com) is a supplier of professional medical equipment for hospitals, clinics, EMTs, veterinary and educational facilities throughout the United States and beyond.

Upon hearing of the need and since the closing of McNairy County Hospital, MME has partnered with Mackenzie in an effort to provide AEDs for the schools in that area.

To help support this project, MME donated one Zoll AED+ defibrillator and ReNew Biomedical (ReNewbio­medical.com) has offered free service and preventative maintenance on all donated AEDs.

AEDs are a very important part of the total response to sudden cardiac arrest in the community.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and it claims approximately 365,000 lives in North America each year.

Most commonly this sudden cardiac arrest, or stoppage of the heart, occurs because of an electrical event.

Automatic external defibrillators in the community allow bystanders to deliver a shock to a patient’s heart quickly while others proceed to contact and/or direct medical professionals to the scene. Survival is directly linked to the time interval between the SCA and the first AED shock delivered to the victim.

Statistics validate that when a shock is delivered within one minute, survival rates can increase seventeen fold from 5 percent (by relying on EMS only to re­spond) to levels as high as 86 percent in some cases.

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