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Speaking of updates, we have a few new ambassadors to share with you (with more on the way)! We are extremely grateful for each and every one of these ambassadors who have partnered with us to raise awareness on sudden cardiac arrest in youth. Together we will save lives!

Please click on their names to learn more about each ambassador.

Drew Logan at the age of thirty suffered three consecutive cardiac- arrests (SCA) that resulted in a coma. He spent years as a personal trainer and is the author of a best-seller. He is also the founder and CEO of Nyrvana-the world's first smart chocolate. Today, Drew dedicates his time to providing solutions and raising awareness to SCA.

Andrew Lorenzen. was twelve years old when an EKG screening saved his life. He is now a student at Cornell University and advocates for mandatory EKG screening. "My life was saved by a stroke of blind luck, and that's precisely the problem. No child's life should have to rely on luck. EKG screenings save lives and each moment we postpone making them mandatory is a moment we endanger the lives of children."

Regina Welkie, physician assistant and educator is lucky to be alive. She hopes to be an advocate for others with heart conditions. "I am looking forward to being part of the SafeBeat Initiative to promote screening for cardiac conditions even before symptoms become evident and to save lives as a result!"

Ann Collins Josey represents what it means to have a life saved by heart screening. At 16 years old, she was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a disease in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick and a common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes.Now at the age of 22, she continues to live her life to the fullest and refuses to let her heart condition limit her.

Stay well friends!

The SafeBeat Team