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What is Coin Up?

Coin Up is an innovative mobile app that allows SafeBeat’s donors to donate their “spare change” by virtually rounding up debit and credit card transactions to the nearest dollar. This spare change adds up to a maximum set by the donor, and is donated directly to their charity. This new technology allows SafeBeat to reach a larger number of donors, especially millennials, through various social media and online channels, resulting in greater impact for the cause.

How do I register with Coin Up?

The process is very simple. Users download the app to their mobile device from the Apple Store or visit www.coinupapp.com and register, select their charity, and enter their bankcard. Every time they use their registered credit or debit card to make a purchase, whether it be filling up their car with gas or buying a meal at a restaurant; each transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar and is directly transferred to SafeBeat at the end of the month, less transaction fees. Donors maintain control by setting a monthly limit on their spare change donations and are protected by the highest levels of bank approved security protocols. Coin Up’s mission is to create a society that engages in giving through their everyday transactions – simply and incrementally.

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