SafeBeat Partners With Innovative Mobile Donation App: Coin Up Turning Spare Change Into Meaningful Change. All-New Platform Helps Nonprofits Effectively Raise Funds And Adopt New Donors

SafeBeat Partners with CoinUp


(September 29, 2017) - SafeBeat has joined efforts with Coin Up to offer an innovative and efficient way for nonprofit organizations to raise funds using mobile devices. This new platform costs a fraction of the current fundraising costs, allowing for more dollars towards impact. SafeBeat is a national initiative that establishes local Heart Screening and Emergency Action Planning programs in an effort to prevent sudden death in youth and adolescents throughout America's public school systems. SafeBeat is screening hearts and saving lives! Now, in conjunction with Coin Up, SafeBeat can access new donors and offer existing donors a more convenient and simple way to donate.

Coin Up is an innovative mobile app that allows SafeBeat’s donors to donate their “spare change” by virtually rounding up debit and credit card transactions to the nearest dollar. This spare change adds up to a maximum set by the donor, and is donated directly to their charity. This new technology allows SafeBeat to reach a larger number of donors, especially millennials, through various social media and online channels, resulting in greater impact for the cause.

The process is very simple. Users download the app to their mobile device from the Apple Store or visit and register, select their charity, and enter their bankcard. Every time they use their registered credit or debit card to make a purchase, whether it be filling up their car with gas or buying a meal at a restaurant; each transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar and is directly transferred to SafeBeat at the end of the month, less transaction fees. Donors maintain control by setting a monthly limit on their spare change donations and are protected by the highest levels of bank approved security protocols. Coin Up’s mission is to create a society that engages in giving through their everyday transactions – simply and incrementally.

SafeBeat focuses on screening hearts and saving lives, and by partnering with Coin Up we are that much closer to building awareness and supporting screening hearts and saving lives every day. Sheldon Hill, Executive Director of SafeBeat, states that, "Partnering with Coin Up allows our organization to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and allows us to raise funds in a more efficient and cost effective manner.”

Leena Patidar, Co-Founder and CEO of Coin Up, said, "We are excited to partner with such a wonderful charity as SafeBeat. At the nexus of this relationship is technology that is going to adopt new donors and help generate more donations seamlessly so SafeBeat can focus on their mission and making a difference."

About SafeBeat

SafeBeat is a National Initiative that establishes local Heart Screening and Emergency Action Planning programs in an effort to prevent sudden death in youth and adolescents throughout America’s public school systems. Our mission is that no family suffers the loss of a child because of sudden cardiac arrest. Partnership with local hospitals, medical professionals, schools, individuals and business sponsors allows us to bring awareness campaigns, ECG-based heart-screening programs and customized emergency plans and training to communities, nationwide.

About Coin Up

The Coin Up app is free to download in the Apple app store. Just download the app, select SafeBeat, add credit/debit card details, and set a monthly limit. The spare change rounded up from each transaction and limited by their pre-set amount, will be directly sent to SafeBeat at the end of each month, less transaction fees. Donors will receive a monthly snapshot that reflects the impact of their donations to SafeBeat (sharable on social media) and a tax donation receipt at the end of the year. The company was co-founded by Leena Patidar and Scott Graham. For more information on Coin Up, visit the site at:


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SafeBeat Contact

Cindy Vees, Director of Public Relations and Communications
SafeBeat, Inc.
Phone: 850-464-7611
SocialMedia: @safebeat4life

Coin Up Contact Info:

Leena Patidar, CEO
Coin Up