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In my last post of quite some time ago, I shared with all the loss of my beautiful 29 year old daughter, Julie.  With her unexpected death came a grief so profoundly deep and raw that I completely lost my passion for “writing”.  I have never, however, lost my passion in educating parents to this silent, but deadly disease/epidemic, known as “cardiac arrhythmia syndromes”.

Although I have been absent in my blog posts, I continue to work to educate parents, teachers and communities whenever, and wherever, I can to the importance of “screening hearts and savings lives” as a proactive approach to saving young lives along with the importance of AED (automated external defibrillator) training as a reactive approach in the event a young child/adult has a cardiac arrhythmia episode.

I lost my daughter, forever, and lost my passion for writing, temporarily, but I have never lost my “Passion Within” for the children and families whose lives have been affected by this silent disease known as “Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes”.  Know that my “Passion Within” lives on in many ways beyond my writing.

I ask only, in this blog, that you take some time to educate yourself through our website . (click on the Initiative named Safebeat and also see what other Initiatives we are working on)  Or just click on the Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes Foundation link above.  As I have always said, you just may save the life of your own child or save the life of a child you may know.  It takes only a short time to peruse a website and absorb information.  It takes a lifetime to get over the loss of a child.  Never allow yourself having to say in hindsight “if only I was aware”.  Become aware!

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There is so much knowledge, so necessary, to be gained by parents about Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes yet, for some unknown reason, at least to me and those of us who are passionate about this mission, parents still seem to be in the dark about this silent killer of our children.

When I say there are “angels among us” I mean it in many connotations. Twenty (20) children a day die from a cardiac arrhythmia syndrome; they are angels now in the religious sense. There are those doctors who are not dismissing this disease as “rare”, as you may read in many medical articles, and are conducting studies and recognizing that asymptomatic symptoms of this disease state are worth the expense of an electrocardiogram (ECG); they are angels in the medical field. And then there are all the “mom and pop” foundations that are fighting vigorously to educate other parents of this disease state so that they do not experience the devastation that they have experienced; they are angels in the parental sense in the aftermath of loss. Continue reading


It has been quite some time since my last blog posting.  Some may be wondering why; especially  since I have been so passionate in “SAVING YOUNG LIVES” from the silent killer known as Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndrome.

My last blog was entitled “Count & Protect Your Blessings – They Are A Gift You May Not Have Tomorrow”.  Little did I know that shortly after writing that blog I would be facing the sudden and unexpected death of my only daughter, Julie, at the young age of 29.  I need say no more about why my writing has taken a hiatus.  Continue reading


Right now I’m sitting in an out-patient surgical center with my son, Bryan, who is about to have a plate put in his foot after breaking it severely for the second time.  Besides being a bit “annoyed”, because it was self inflicted from bad judgment on his part, I also have a bit of a smile on my face.

Why would I be smiling about such a thing you might ask? Continue reading


It’s time for children to head back to school for a new school year!  Some parents and children head back with some trepidation of what the year holds for them.  Having put four through school I know all the ups and downs of the start of a new school year.

Initially it’s making sure that they have the necessary back-to-school supplies to have a successful year.  Then the work begins; learning, studying and making the grade on the big test! Continue reading

Every Child Deserves To Celebrate Another Birthday!

I took this picture this morning from the deck I was sitting on.  As you can see, it is of a lone fisherman, early in the morning before the hustle and bustle of a beautiful summer’s day on the lake.

As I watched him, I began to wonder what he might be thinking about.  Was it just the fish he was hoping to catch or much deeper thoughts as he was basking in his solitude?  Watching him, I began my own thought process and began to wonder of what the future holds for me moving forward. Continue reading


Over the course of the last extremely busy weeks, many events have occurred, been remembered and some celebrated.  Among them is the Remembrance Day of my son Marc’s Birthday.  We would have celebrated his 26 years on this earth had his heart not failed him.  It was the Remembrance Day of my stepchildren’s mother Norma’s Birthday who passed tragically in a car accident 13 years ago when they were young children.  There were also graduation celebrations and the 60th Birthday of my husband, David, who happens to be the most generous, giving, supportive, selfless man I know.   Continue reading


The office is “unusually” quiet today.  Everyone quiet in their own thoughts, I’m sure, while continuing to work passionately on “screening hearts and saving lives”.

I find myself taking a moment to reflect on where I have been and where I am today.  I have been in a parent’s worst nightmare, the loss of a child.  Today, I work diligently to educate parents about the facts and affects Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes can have on our youth. Continue reading


So much emotion goes into the business of “screening hearts and saving lives”.  Emotion comes in many different forms and flavors.

In the last couple of weeks I have experienced the different forms and flavors of emotion.  In the last two weeks I received a beautiful thank you card and picture from a young man who had his heart screened through our “SafeBeat Initiative” and was found to have a heart arrhythmia that otherwise he and his family may have only discovered under much different circumstance.  He is now under doctor’s care and will live a very healthy life.  The only emotion you can experience from that is one of JOY!  His parents also extended sincere gratitude for the “SafeBeat Initiative” that gave their son a second chance at life when they didn’t even realize he needed a second chance!  JOY! JOY! JOY! Continue reading

Life & Death – How Fragile Both Are!

I am extremely PROUD to share with all who read this and follow me that during our very first week of the “SafeBeat Initiative” launching our preventive heart screening program in Hillsborough County, FL that a discovery of a “detectable and treatable” heart arrhythmia was made on Connor Moore, 15, that without preventive heart screening would otherwise have gone undetected.  Within a few short hours of detection, Connor was seen by our partners at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fl where he was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome.  He is now under doctor’s care and has been told that his condition is 100% curable.  Connor is an extremely personable,  active, athletic young man with a very long life to live, and he and his parent’s have reached out to us and so eloquently expressed extreme gratitude for the mission we are on.  I am so proud of Connor, his accomplishments, love for his family and his zest for life, which he can now appreciate to maximum capacity for a lifetime. Continue reading