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New Year Resolution – LIVE “For” & “With” HEART!

Happy 2010 to All!

For most of us, the coming of a new year causes us to think, and make, resolutions in our lives for change.  It may be a change in diet, or a plan to save or earn more money in this coming year.  Whatever your resolution is, I’m sure it is a good one for you!

What I would ask is that you not only let this be a time for resolutions for your personal future, but also a time to make resolutions about how change can be made in the world to make it better for our children and grandchildren.  Just take a moment to sit back, close your eyes, and imagine in your mind what you would wish for the young and their futures. Continue reading


As I shared in my last blog, I lost my father recently, suddenly and very unexpectedly.  Beyond his loss and the grief that so familiarly set in with his passing, I have also been in a state of grief in some other areas of my life.  So I must apologize for taking a somewhat extended stay away from blogging.

One of the qualities that I have come to possess is “strength” in the face of adversity.  It did not come easily, I assure you, nor did I ever imagine I would face the unimaginable in the course of my life either; loosing a precious son too soon.  In these last few weeks, I have found myself again being tested.    Although I have never forgotten one instant, one moment or one day of my son’s life, along with his last moments and last breath on the day of his death, there eventually came a time when it felt safe to put those memories in a “safe deposit box” so to speak in order to be able to move forward; the key that secured the memories – “Strength”.  With my recent loss, that box of memories, especially those of the moments shared between my father and my son, Marc, for that brief moment in time, has been burst open by the flood gates and I again have come face to face with grief, sorrow and sadness that I lived all of those years ago.  Along with that came a profound sense of my own mortality with a recent health scare that, thankfully, turned out to be just that, “a scare”.   Continue reading


Since my last blog I have been through a myriad of events and emotions; the most significant being the passing of my father.  Although he was in his 80’s, his death was completely unexpected leaving my mother, myself and our family breathless.

I find myself staring grief in the face once again.  Although it is a different grief than the one I experienced from the loss of my son, it is completely familiar; being the suddenness and unexpectedness of it.  As I stood over his hospital bed saying my goodbyes to him I whispered to him to wrap his arms around my son, Marc, and give him a kiss from his mom.  He never let me down before.  I know he didn’t this time either. Continue reading

LOGIC – Is It Lost When It Comes To Our Children?

The reasons are many and the rewards are priceless as to why preventive heart screening is so important. The many reasons are our children, the future of this country. Young people are being taken in the prime of their life from a silent killer. Families who experience the pain and grief that follows such an event now attempting to be the voice of reason for others.

As a society, we always tend to learn quite quickly after the fact.   But in some instances when logic is put right in front of us, we tend to act as if it weren’t even there. Continue reading